In 2018 we attended BXLBeerFest for the first time, we had such a great time we promptly added it to agenda again for 2019. This festival has a great selection of breweries and interesting beers, with quite a large number of sour/mixed fermentation beers, which we at Heldin love. This year there were also some private tasting events and foodpairing events. While the private tastings sold out very quickly, we did manage to get our hands on tickets for a foodpairing collaboration between Bokke & Couvert Couvert. The dish was prepared before our eyes, the combination was well balanced and both were delicious.

BXLBeerFest also has a great atmosphere, due to the open location at Tour&Taxis, the decor in the hallway and the great food selection (we particularly enjoyed the cheese platter of La Fruiti√®re, the selection of Fermethings and the fantastic pizza). It is always good to see many familiar faces there of brewers and other “famous” figures in the beer industry. We’ll be back next year!

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BXL BeerFest 2019, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium (Photo by Beer Idiots,